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Frequently Asked

What is the difference in PSA (Personal Services Agency) and Home Care?

The terms PSA and Home Care carry the same meaing and are typically used interchangably.

What is an alternative to home care in relations to cost?

Home Care costs are usually less expensive, more convenient and more effective than other alternatives such as hospitals, nursing homes and resident homes (according to the Centers for Medicare ad Medicaid Services (CMS).

How do people pay for home care?

Payment varies from situation to situation. The many different ways people pay for their home care costs can include a type of private insurance you have, or by Medicare or Medicaid.  Some may be covered by worker’s compensation, long-ter care insurance and Veteran benefits.

Why would someone use home care?

Home care offers a peace of mind when it is known that they are in the care of Compassionate, Accountable, Reliable and Experienced caregivers.  Being care for at home enables a person to live as independently and maintain the comforts of their own home, remain in a familiar enviornment.

What is the difference in Home Care and Home Health Services?

Home Care offers non-clinical assistance, such as meal prep, house keeping, personal care (grooming), companionship, and can offer more extensive services.  Home Health provides professional medical assistance.  Another difference is that home health is generally covered by Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance while home care is covered by private pay, some private insurances and affiliated organizations such as churches or groups.

How long does home care last?

Home care can vary greatly based on a person’s unique needs. Some services may be lifelong, whereas other can last for a few weeks.  Physician-prescribed home care is overseen until your recovery goals are met.